Sunday, April 10, 2011

results of silversmithing a ring without help

hi all, well, I finally got all the tools and equipment for silversmithing except for the polishing stuff and set up my little work area and decided to make a new ring with no teacher this time. I set out doing pretty well but when I got to the part where you solder the band to the top of the ring my torch started acting weird, first when I lit it only a portion of the flame came on at first. and after I got it going good, no matter what I did it would make a whoosh of flame then go out. I tried changing position, different levels of flame and holding it at varying degrees from the piece but it kept doing it. I sent an Email to Don asking if it was just a bad cannister or if I needed to do something different. I did get a little ring completed and pickled and all but I am not going to post pics till I get the polishihng stuff to make it pretty. I should be able to post it by next weekend if not sooner. On other things, I have several orders to fill for jewelry and have GOT to put more items in the stores(Snicklebritches and Fingers & toes, not to mention Ebay) I have a check at the salon and $20 at a customer's house just waiting to be picked up and just haven't been able to make it out in the boondocks where she lives. I have been working alot the past few weeks and when not working I hate to admit I have been napping. I really need to get back into a productive mood, this sleeping all the time is just feeding the dang depression and I have always sworn not to let it get me. I will have to set a goal for myself to make "X" amount of pieces and post "X" amount of pieces per week or I will never get anywhere. So anyone out there want to tell me how many pieces per week I should start with?? Keep in mind I work a full time job too. LOL I am having a lady to come in one day a week for a couple hours to help me get some kind of organization in my bead room, I had originally planned to hire Gail Goddard(she is a professional organizer and a beader) to do this with income tax refund but did not get near as much as I thought I would back so had to try a different route. Well, I guess that is all the biz stuff for this week, kinda slow because of the stupid sleeping. I will post the little ring later in the week and maybe I will make something else too. I do have to get some beading done though, for real!! LOL TTYL

Saturday, April 2, 2011

last weekend silversmithing class with Don Norris

well, I got to take the class and had a blast! One of my good friends Dionne went with me and we both learned alot! Don has a vast knowledge of metals science and techniquesand he tries to teach as much of it as he can in the 2 days allowed for the class. Of course there is not enough ime to put it all in there. I really enjoyed the class and made a cool ring that has already had 2 offers to buy it(though as my first, I will not sell it)

Don showing us a Tip"no fiddling"

Don admiring a classmates wirework

Don showing us how to use torch

Back side of my ring

  • My creation-Lapis stone and a good luck gecko