Monday, October 7, 2013

Can't beleive it is already time to get ready for Bead retreat!!!

well, time has once again sneaked up n me, I can't believe it is time to get ready for the bead reteat again.  wow, so many ideas and so little time, LOL. Lots going on in real life too, people at my day job think I am supposed to actually work.... can you believe that??LOL Haven't won the lottery yet, so no help there and chances of meeting any well off guys are pretty slim at this point, LOL. Anybody out there is bead biz land interested in donating door prizes or items for the goodie bags for this January, contact me at off to work on it!! Things are about to get hectic!!  TTYL

Monday, June 17, 2013

my grandaughter's graduation

here is the graduate the day before the big day heading to an interview with a producer!!
next a pic of the future graduate dressed up for the Black and Platinum ball
another one-on the phone with the BFF!! 
my two big girls, my daughter Tiffany and granddaughter Alyssia
one of the many awards received ast the ball!!!
giving a farewell speech at the ball(really just making everyone cry!!)
after the awards, finally everyone dancing the wobble,wobble(I would have gotten up there with her but did not want to make the young folks look bad! LOL)
getting ready for the big walk across the stage!!
the cake I made for the after graduation party in progress---




everyone thought it looked like it would faoll over but it was just because I turned the levels wrong and the columns were not lined up and made it look off kilter. didn't matter much , it was eaten up within minutes!!!








here are some pics from the after party
started out cool, nice weather and all, then it began to rain, every one moved inside and left Dad outside in the barbequing all alone.
Dj and Wi party is on!!!  the rest of my
 pics are in video form so gotta figure out how to load them-accepted to college!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

OMG-I can never keep up, loL

Well, here i am again, not having written on here for a while. i have to list all the folks that donated to the 2013 Texas Bead Retreat goodie bags still and it is aloready june!!!  So many of our vendors this year were down and out with the flu that was ging around, I really hated to ask, but as usual our folks came through in a big way and the bags were a big hit!!! the following were all good enough to donate to the cause and not get upset with me for being such a procrastinator,lol.  

1.      Cousin Corporation-several door prizes and catalogs for all

2.      DIY Closet-15% discount at etsy store

3.      Wired up Beads-door prize

4.      Beaducation- several door prizes

5.      Shipwreck Beads-door prize

6.      Jewelry Television-pens and rulers for all

7.      Toho beads-samplers for all

8.      Rings & Things-journals, pens & bookmarks for all

9.      Firefly Design studio-several door prizes, gift bag for all, free ship on etsy

10.   Bead Box Bargains-gift bag for all, several door prizes

11.   No Snow supplies-gift bags for all

12.   Beach Castle Beads-gift bags for all, 2 coupons to etsy store

14.   Unicorne beads-gift bag for all, several door prizes(now with Bead Crazee also)

15.   Rio Grande-aluminum findings for all

16.   Fusion Beads-gift bags for all, door prize

17.   Fire Mountain Gems- Pens and rulers for all

18.   Xuron Corp-door prize

19.   Lark books- several door prizes

20.   JJM jewelry- 25% coupon to etsy store

21.   Unkamen Supplies- 20% off coupons and  several door prizes

22.   Nina designs-several door prizes-

23.   Joyce of Joyous Creations Inc on EBAY-several door prizes

24.   Eloxite-several door prizes

25.   Kandu Beads-15% off etsy store

26.   Turquoise magpie-door prize

27.   Brazos Collection, Salado-several door prizes

28.   Kalmback books-several door prizes

29.   The Bead Coop-door prize

30.   Fragiacomo Glass Art-door prize

31.   Tree frog beads- several door prizes and 15% coupon to etsy store

32.   Wally’s Party Factory -tote bags and coupons

33.   Patina Worx- gift bags for all
7. KANDU BEADS-      15% OFF  WITH CODE Texas15

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

woohoo-TBR 2013 in 2 days!!!

Hi Everyone,
  sorry to have been MIA for a while, but you know life gives no quarter. LOL I am currently getting ready for the Texas beaders retreat #14!! I have all the goodie bags made up and most of the door prizes together, have to print a couple of things still but otherwise all set. only 2 more days!! Of course my "tablemates" are all coming in today a littel early so we can run the streets and create havoc, ooohhh, I mean shop and create beading projects(sorta the same thing, LOL) Plus we are adding a newbie to our ranks (HI. Dee)and Joann, Of course the queen of socializing, Nancy Trickett-Ransom, will be trying to get them to put a couple tables together cuz she is just that kinda gal that you want to sit with! Beth and Katy(who is in texas now-woot) are coming in this evening and Sharon is coming in around noon.We will probably see Eileen tomorrow. I sam the world's worst at remembering names(I couldnt remember my own if i did not have a nametag) so we will catch up with the"tablestealers" tomorrow too(you know who you are, LOL)There are also alot of famous ladies(authors, teachers,tv crafters, etc) that come to the retreat and I always have to get Nancy to remind me of people's names, but any of us could be the next author,etc. One of our own, Jill Wiseman was just published this past year!  Sandy and Elizabeth are coming on tonight too i think just to make sure everything is going smoothly. I look forward to this retreat evey year even though last year i had a migraine the whole time. I am on my very first paid full vacation of my entire life this time though and have had a littel bit of time to get things going. I have not started my challenge piece or swap bracelet yet(I work better under pressure) but this time last year i did not have the bags and stuff done yet so, I am really ahead of schedule. I think i did a better job this year with the goodies and the door prizes, I hope everyone will be pleased! Now how to top it next year?? I have found that asking vendors early does not really make that much difference, with the holidays they forget and I ended up doing most of the asking again anyway. so my procratinating did not hurt anythng all those other years, LOL.
OK on the home front, My daughter in maryland has the Flu-full blown and is feeling pretty bad, I hate that i cant be there for her. My 5 grandkids seemm to be holding up pretty well. My oldest Son and his wife are still living with me but are thinking of getting their own place this year, they finished the first year of college and passed everything and now are starting on the 2nd. My son has something that is making his glands swell and a cough but not the Flu, I think he may need a steriod but he does not want to go to the dr. for fear of getting the flu. Of Course my youngest son is still on his extended vacation with the state authorities. My patients have all had the flu or something like it and there is a stomach bug going around too. I bathed in alcohol gel between, before and after each one-all last week to keep from getting sick. even put it on my car keys(Look, out Howie Mandel-lol) Ok, that is about it for now, Going to get a last few things from the store and I guess work on my projects!I will be putting up a list of the donors of goodies and door prizes here in a little while and I want to thank each and everyone of you for your participation in this! I will keep everyone posted and probably add pics before it is all over!! Look forward to seeing everyone!!!