Wednesday, January 16, 2013

woohoo-TBR 2013 in 2 days!!!

Hi Everyone,
  sorry to have been MIA for a while, but you know life gives no quarter. LOL I am currently getting ready for the Texas beaders retreat #14!! I have all the goodie bags made up and most of the door prizes together, have to print a couple of things still but otherwise all set. only 2 more days!! Of course my "tablemates" are all coming in today a littel early so we can run the streets and create havoc, ooohhh, I mean shop and create beading projects(sorta the same thing, LOL) Plus we are adding a newbie to our ranks (HI. Dee)and Joann, Of course the queen of socializing, Nancy Trickett-Ransom, will be trying to get them to put a couple tables together cuz she is just that kinda gal that you want to sit with! Beth and Katy(who is in texas now-woot) are coming in this evening and Sharon is coming in around noon.We will probably see Eileen tomorrow. I sam the world's worst at remembering names(I couldnt remember my own if i did not have a nametag) so we will catch up with the"tablestealers" tomorrow too(you know who you are, LOL)There are also alot of famous ladies(authors, teachers,tv crafters, etc) that come to the retreat and I always have to get Nancy to remind me of people's names, but any of us could be the next author,etc. One of our own, Jill Wiseman was just published this past year!  Sandy and Elizabeth are coming on tonight too i think just to make sure everything is going smoothly. I look forward to this retreat evey year even though last year i had a migraine the whole time. I am on my very first paid full vacation of my entire life this time though and have had a littel bit of time to get things going. I have not started my challenge piece or swap bracelet yet(I work better under pressure) but this time last year i did not have the bags and stuff done yet so, I am really ahead of schedule. I think i did a better job this year with the goodies and the door prizes, I hope everyone will be pleased! Now how to top it next year?? I have found that asking vendors early does not really make that much difference, with the holidays they forget and I ended up doing most of the asking again anyway. so my procratinating did not hurt anythng all those other years, LOL.
OK on the home front, My daughter in maryland has the Flu-full blown and is feeling pretty bad, I hate that i cant be there for her. My 5 grandkids seemm to be holding up pretty well. My oldest Son and his wife are still living with me but are thinking of getting their own place this year, they finished the first year of college and passed everything and now are starting on the 2nd. My son has something that is making his glands swell and a cough but not the Flu, I think he may need a steriod but he does not want to go to the dr. for fear of getting the flu. Of Course my youngest son is still on his extended vacation with the state authorities. My patients have all had the flu or something like it and there is a stomach bug going around too. I bathed in alcohol gel between, before and after each one-all last week to keep from getting sick. even put it on my car keys(Look, out Howie Mandel-lol) Ok, that is about it for now, Going to get a last few things from the store and I guess work on my projects!I will be putting up a list of the donors of goodies and door prizes here in a little while and I want to thank each and everyone of you for your participation in this! I will keep everyone posted and probably add pics before it is all over!! Look forward to seeing everyone!!!

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