Thursday, January 26, 2012

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ok here is the next section of the story-lots of fun was had by all, we sorely missed our buddy Sharon but she was able to make it on the last day!!! Better late than never!! here she is getting hug from nancy and all by sweet self!

I probably forgot to mention that nancy is the Queen of all, LOL she has to wear a crown a meals and we all bow to her, LOL this is the rest of my group(hmm I am not here, LOL) seated left to right is Beth Dobbins and Katy Welch, standing is JoAn, and her highness Nancy, LOL you can look to the right and see our orange haired mermaid table decoration. and then a little bigger pic of it. Nancy brought her from her DIL's store.

Ok now there are lots of pics to put up of just everyone and i will try to label as many as i can but i am no good at even getting these pics to go where i want so don't be shocked by anything that happens, LOL

This is beth-fixin: to get down to the real reason for coming-Beading-she probably can concentrate better than anyone i know, and can finish stuff she starts, unlike yours truly, LOL

this is Katy(I get on her nerves sometimes but I love her anyway, LOL) she is very talented and if it can be beaded she can do it, teach it, or make it better. I keep waiting for her to be published in some magazine or other cuz she is so good at it!

This is our redheaded step child Eileen, she kinda came along the second or third year we were here as a group and has kind of tagged along since, guess we will have to officially adopt her. LOL She made some beading kits just to see what would happen and made a killing. I think she may still be up on cloud 9.

Ok well, I will put more up here tomorrow, I have been typing and uploading for about 2 hours and there is much more to add. watch the blog in the next day or 2 for more, gotta work the old day job tomorrow so, don't know how tired i might be. TTYL

Texas Beaders Retreat(cont)

So, there were lots of classes, I took 3 classes myself, the first one was friday night and it was a bracelet made with wire and pearls, mine was peacock pearls and blue wire but this is the photo to advertise the class

The second class i had was saturday morning with Royelle Giddens, now you must know these facts Royelle can teach a retarded chimpanzee to bead and I just am NOT a morning person. So, needless to say i did not do well in that class. too tired , couldn't get it, not a stitcher, who knows but i did not get it. LOL the other students made some awesome stuff though!

The last class i took was on saturday night cuz i did not want to waste another class on the morning thing, LOL It was Metal mania with gwen youngblood and we got to hammer and cut and bang on metal, totally FUN!!! here is the promo pic for that class

There were other classes and great teachers but i could not attend them all!!! One of the things i did this year for the 3rd year is make up goodie bags for each of the attendees. I had some awesome donors this year and want to thank each and everyone of them individually! I am going to list them here and then do a blurb on each one separately!! they are all awesome businesses and I am so thankful for their support!!

1.JP Tool & ImpressART-sister companies-donated a metal design stamp for eachperson

2.Rio Grande-donated a sunshine polish cloth for each person & a door prize of Bronze Metal clay book

3.Kambach publishers-donated 101 bead tips books for all and door prize of Gift Cert to beadstyle mag

4.The Spacer Shop- donated 2 hand made spacer beads for each person & 10% off coupon to etsy store

5.Patina Worx-donated individual patina'd metal charms or pendants for each person

6.Spirit Bear Beads-donated individual bags of seed beads for each person and secret surprise $20 gift cert

7.Whim beads-donated seed beads for every person and 10% off coupon for store

8.JJM jewelry-this is the secnd year for these guys-donated a whole beading kit for each person
9.BeachCastle Beads-donated white fresh water pearls for each person

10.Your Need is Our bead-donated big bags of bead related stuff for each person & 25% off coupon for store

11.Favored Memories-donated baggies with bead and finding samples for each person

12.Steffworks(pieces&parts)-donated seed beads for each person

13.Hanson Stone vintage-donated individual packets of seed and other small beads

14.Softflex co.-donated cards with wire samples on each and 2 packages of TRIOS for Door prizes

15.rings & things-donated pens for each person and 2-$25 gift certificates to site

16.Fusion Beads-crystal bling bracelet kit for door prize

17.Znetshows-donated metal bead scoops & a strand of crystals for each person

18.Unicorne Beads-donated teardrop beads for each person and door prize

19.Odd designsNC-donated door prize

20. White Clover Kiln-donated raku heart door prize

21. naos glass-donated a door prize

22. Fragiocomo glass-donated a door prize

23.Brandywine jewelry-donated individual beads and supplies for each person

24.Beaducation-donated 3 free online class door prizes

25.Kabela designs-donated a door prize

26.The Elegant needle-donated 10% off any purchase coupons

27.Brazos Collection-donated 2 beading kit doorprizes

28. Texas Home Health-temple office-donated the bags to put the goodies in, nail files, pens to each person

29. Tree frog Beads-donted $50 gift certificate to their store(wish i would have gotten that one, LOL)

I think i am forgetting someone but never fear i will get you up here, got to go through the paperwork again!

Texas Beader's Retreat

hi all, well it is hard to believe it has been 4 dys since the retreat concluded! I guess it took me longer to recover than I thought, LOL! My GF Nancy Trickett-Ransom & her friend JoAn came early on wednesday. We went out to eat Cracker barrell and it was awesome. Then we went to a special late evening jewelers party at Brazos Collection in Salado, tx-When we got there we realized it was a trick!! Not much party but alot of beads begging to come home with us, LOL. Then thursday the rest of the gang came in Katy Welch, Beth Dobbins both came in from Arkansas in the train and we waited for the last of our group Sharon Campbell from Wemberly, Tx but then found out her mother was ill and she might not be able to come at all. we were not happy since this was our 6th year at the retreat as group. so now we all went to the Hilton Garden Inn in Temple,tx where the retreat was being in held. The ballrooms were opened early for us to set up and start beading, woohoo, we set up our places but the "table" we always used had been usurped!! OMG how could we sit in a different table after 6 years?? The newbies had taken over our spot and of course we had to be nice about it... we took the table next to it instead, with a little grumbling. We still ended up being the same number though #10 so it was ok. The newbies turned out to be pretty nice so we were glad they took our table in the end, LOL Here they are with our Nancy (far left)

We were surprised (but should not have been) at the amount of people that were there for "early beading" the actual retreat did not start till friday afternoon! so almost everyone was there already, sharing ideas, showing beautiful things that they had made and SHOPPING! Oh yeah one of the most fun things about the retreat!! We have a regular vendor Jane's beads and fibers, but some of the ladies make lampwork beads and sell them at the retreat and a couple of the gals have there own stores and brought beads (as long as they were different than what jane carries) so we were shoppng, oh, yeah!!!FUN!!! This is Crystal Gilbert of Crystals Lampwork and next to her was Donna montez of D&M beads.

There are alot more things to say and add on here so, hang on, i am going to post this one and then start a new one. I am no good at the saving and editing stuff, LOL See you in a minute......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

13th annual Texas beader's retreat Jan 19-22

Well, I am getting all excited about the upcoming retreat right here in my hometown of Temple,Tx- I have been contacting vendors for donations to my yearly goodie bags and the response has been fantastic! I have met some awesom folks doing this every year, and enjoy it tremendously. I will be doing a little blurb on each donor this year , just so everyone out there can see for themselves what awesome folks we have out there to work with! The economy has been beating up a lot of the small businesses this year and I am sorry to say that all the consignment shops and places that I was showing my jewelry at, have gone out of business. I hated losing my favorite nail salon too. I haven't had nails put on since she closed! :( I guess this is the year where all of the little businesses need to stick together and help each other even if it is just a "hey, check this store out on the "net" to friends or actually buying from the stores when you can. I hope it is not as bad everywhere else as it is here but everytime I look around another biz has closed. Even the big biz places are changing hands alot.
God, how did I get on that sad road? Back to the retreat! I will be posting pics all week and afterward of everyone having fun at the retreat and all the beautiful jewelry that will be made, and maybe a few candid quotes from some of the beaders! My gals that have been my table mates since we all started going to the retreat as newbies 5 years ago are all coming again and will be adding to the hilarity to come!! Nancy T from kansas, Beth and Katy from Arkansas, Sharon from Wimberly,Tx, can't wait to see you guys!! OK, well, that is all for right now, got to go watch a movie with my Baby boy(25yo-6'5"- 325 lbs,LOL) I will be back here soon to chew your ears off!! Dori