Tuesday, January 10, 2012

13th annual Texas beader's retreat Jan 19-22

Well, I am getting all excited about the upcoming retreat right here in my hometown of Temple,Tx- I have been contacting vendors for donations to my yearly goodie bags and the response has been fantastic! I have met some awesom folks doing this every year, and enjoy it tremendously. I will be doing a little blurb on each donor this year , just so everyone out there can see for themselves what awesome folks we have out there to work with! The economy has been beating up a lot of the small businesses this year and I am sorry to say that all the consignment shops and places that I was showing my jewelry at, have gone out of business. I hated losing my favorite nail salon too. I haven't had nails put on since she closed! :( I guess this is the year where all of the little businesses need to stick together and help each other even if it is just a "hey, check this store out on the "net" to friends or actually buying from the stores when you can. I hope it is not as bad everywhere else as it is here but everytime I look around another biz has closed. Even the big biz places are changing hands alot.
God, how did I get on that sad road? Back to the retreat! I will be posting pics all week and afterward of everyone having fun at the retreat and all the beautiful jewelry that will be made, and maybe a few candid quotes from some of the beaders! My gals that have been my table mates since we all started going to the retreat as newbies 5 years ago are all coming again and will be adding to the hilarity to come!! Nancy T from kansas, Beth and Katy from Arkansas, Sharon from Wimberly,Tx, can't wait to see you guys!! OK, well, that is all for right now, got to go watch a movie with my Baby boy(25yo-6'5"- 325 lbs,LOL) I will be back here soon to chew your ears off!! Dori

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  1. Can't wait to see you too, Dori! You always do a fab job on the goodie bags. Keep up the good work.