Thursday, January 26, 2012

Texas Beader's Retreat

hi all, well it is hard to believe it has been 4 dys since the retreat concluded! I guess it took me longer to recover than I thought, LOL! My GF Nancy Trickett-Ransom & her friend JoAn came early on wednesday. We went out to eat Cracker barrell and it was awesome. Then we went to a special late evening jewelers party at Brazos Collection in Salado, tx-When we got there we realized it was a trick!! Not much party but alot of beads begging to come home with us, LOL. Then thursday the rest of the gang came in Katy Welch, Beth Dobbins both came in from Arkansas in the train and we waited for the last of our group Sharon Campbell from Wemberly, Tx but then found out her mother was ill and she might not be able to come at all. we were not happy since this was our 6th year at the retreat as group. so now we all went to the Hilton Garden Inn in Temple,tx where the retreat was being in held. The ballrooms were opened early for us to set up and start beading, woohoo, we set up our places but the "table" we always used had been usurped!! OMG how could we sit in a different table after 6 years?? The newbies had taken over our spot and of course we had to be nice about it... we took the table next to it instead, with a little grumbling. We still ended up being the same number though #10 so it was ok. The newbies turned out to be pretty nice so we were glad they took our table in the end, LOL Here they are with our Nancy (far left)

We were surprised (but should not have been) at the amount of people that were there for "early beading" the actual retreat did not start till friday afternoon! so almost everyone was there already, sharing ideas, showing beautiful things that they had made and SHOPPING! Oh yeah one of the most fun things about the retreat!! We have a regular vendor Jane's beads and fibers, but some of the ladies make lampwork beads and sell them at the retreat and a couple of the gals have there own stores and brought beads (as long as they were different than what jane carries) so we were shoppng, oh, yeah!!!FUN!!! This is Crystal Gilbert of Crystals Lampwork and next to her was Donna montez of D&M beads.

There are alot more things to say and add on here so, hang on, i am going to post this one and then start a new one. I am no good at the saving and editing stuff, LOL See you in a minute......

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