Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Hello Everyone,

I have been neglecting this blog for many reasons but need to get it together and start posting at least weekly with updates on the biz and growth and just general stuff, LOL Well, it has been a harried and busy holiday season for me(even though i have been off from my day job thanksgiving, today and tomorrow-1st time in like 40 years) I was trying to get work done, fill requests, make eye catching stuff to sell, attempt to shop for my grands to mail a package to them and also keep up with facebook. Whew, it is pretty hard to do. I pretty good sales this year , with more higher end sales and large sales than usual. On the other hand all of the littel businesses that i was showing at have goen out of business so, I do not currently have any place to show stuff except on Ebay(which i am hearing more & more is not friendly to tiny biz like mine)and on facebook. Allthough i have not actually sold anything from MY postings on facebook, I had been helping my DIL learn to make jewelry and she had posted just to family and done pretty well. I did end up selling several pieces to her family also, which was nice. I also got a couple of orders for particular items from those postings also. I have to figure out how to use facebook better, i have gobs of friends on there and mopst are other artists. I locve to follow them and see how they are doing but I have so many posts on there that i can never find mine or see if i have any answers to them. There has to be a way to thin the posts without having to completely leave someone off. I just have to find time to figure it out. Well, I am really looking forward to the Texas beaders retreat in january here in temple, I have not even started on the goodie bags i have been doing the past 2 yeafs so ,don't know how well that will go but going to work on it while i am off next couple days. I need to get more memory for my computer too. it takes forever to upload pics or list stuff now vecause it is so slow and low on memory and I have a tendency to avoid time consuming things, so not much is listed right now, Got to fix that too. Also have to get to work on some silversmith stuff now that the holiday rush is over, so busy making lots of quick stuff to sell that i haven't concentrated on making higher end pieces that would sell for higher prices which is where i will have to go to make this biz profitable enough to actaully do it full time. I also would like to vet into making kits, patterns, tutorials and possibly teaching. One of my dear Freinds Nancy ransom started teaching at retreats last year and is enjoying it and says it is not hard to do. I always worry about Murphy's law though cuz i think i am kin to ol' murphy or at least his decendant, LOL. well, this is getting pretty long and i am guessing if you made it this far, you truly are bored to tears, LOL. I will write again soon. Wonder if it would do any good to post pics here of stuff? hmmmmm you never know!


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