Wednesday, August 3, 2011

well, here i am again

hi anyone, lol I have been terribly negligent in my blogging but since i just signed up for a blog bead party at "pretty things" I suppose i ought to write some things here. I have not only been bad in the blog but in my jewelry creating as well, don't get me wrong, the brain is always scouting, arranging and trying to produce things, it's just the ol' body that does not follow through!LOL I have been working quite a bit on my "real" job of home health nurse here lately and it is so doggoned hot here in Texas(109 today)
that I truly have come home and crashed in front of the A/C every evening.I have filled several orders lately also for regular customers as well as new ones. I have my son going out talking me up here lately and he has gotten me several new customers!! I have a show on friday at a local assisted living home and am pretty excited about that. One of my customers(and Dear Friend) Ardenna is the wellness nurse there and has asked me to come show my jewelry. I was thrilled to be asked! When i am done with that i will be putting everything else that is already made up out in my little booth at Snickelbritches in Temple(in case you want to check it out). I then plan to get to work on Christmas gift type stuff. I want to play with the silver a little more and I have been contemplating incorporating some leather stuff and steampunk into my jewelry. I have lots of ideas , now to just get them to fruition! well, I need to finish up a couple of nurse notes and then complete a wire wrap necklace i made for a friend that I will be seeing tomorrow. i will let everyone(or anyone, LOL) know how the show turns out! thanks for coming by!


  1. I need a new email from you -- yours are bouncing -- your partner isn't able to get in touch with you for the Bead Soup Blog Party!

  2. Hi there -=- if I don't hear back from you by Saturday, I'll have no choice but to remove you from the Bead Soup Blog Party -- I'm sorry -- please contact me.