Saturday, June 11, 2011

I have been overwhelmed-need to post!

hi anybody out there in blog following land. I have been working my mundane job as a home health nurse and neglecting my glamorus other identity as "super jewelry maker" LOL, so , what is going on ?? I have been filling orders alot lately, I have 2 necklace sets to make by july 4, I have a full complement of bridesmaids necklace sets to make for a wedding by middle of june. Just barely finished a crystal & pearl set for a wedding that was held today! I have some wirewrapping earrings ordered also. busy, busy, busy!! My son's grandmother in law passed away this past weekend and put the house in a sort of uproar. My youngest son will possibly be coming home next month, so I am excited and a little stressed by that. My daughter turns 31 in july, I have no idea how she got there, I swear I have been trying to keep her 20 for at least 11 years, LOL-I went to the local wholesale bead store to pick up just 3 things, 3!!! ended up with $70 worth of beads and stuff i could not live without and they were out of ALL 3 things I went for!!! I just wanted to check in here for a minute and put a little update in. Also a friend of mine from the cyber world has been chosen as one of the 16 beautiful minds of here- -she is the 6th one down on the voting page. She(melody macduffie) needs our votes to earn money for her charity "Soul of Somanya" the link to her page is on my favorite links list and it tells exactly what the money goes for. I fully support this endeavor. It is literally a life saver!! Thank you in advance!! well, I will close for now, lots of jewelry to make, look for some posts tomorrow?? If nothing earth shattering happens, LOL

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  1. Hi there = I'm very sorry, but due to non-communication, I'm removing you from the Bead Soup Blog Party.