Monday, June 17, 2013

my grandaughter's graduation

here is the graduate the day before the big day heading to an interview with a producer!!
next a pic of the future graduate dressed up for the Black and Platinum ball
another one-on the phone with the BFF!! 
my two big girls, my daughter Tiffany and granddaughter Alyssia
one of the many awards received ast the ball!!!
giving a farewell speech at the ball(really just making everyone cry!!)
after the awards, finally everyone dancing the wobble,wobble(I would have gotten up there with her but did not want to make the young folks look bad! LOL)
getting ready for the big walk across the stage!!
the cake I made for the after graduation party in progress---




everyone thought it looked like it would faoll over but it was just because I turned the levels wrong and the columns were not lined up and made it look off kilter. didn't matter much , it was eaten up within minutes!!!








here are some pics from the after party
started out cool, nice weather and all, then it began to rain, every one moved inside and left Dad outside in the barbequing all alone.
Dj and Wi party is on!!!  the rest of my
 pics are in video form so gotta figure out how to load them-accepted to college!!!

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