Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Well, it's only a couple of days till the TBR retreat, 15th year!! I have been working on the goodie bags and door prizes, I think we will do ok. Of course I have not even started my challenge piece or my swap bracelet, but then again, I hardly ever get them done in time anyway. LOL  I will be posting pics and stuff on here as usual. I recently entered the Mango Beads messiest bead space contest, I thought I was a shoe in, but I see there are other challenged folks just like me, LOL  here is the pic of my desk I sent in.... well darn, it wont let me load it, I guess I will have to convert it to jpg. geez, what else, LOL  well, just want ed to make a note that it is coming up on party time!!  Darn, I can't get anything to upload, Must need to reboot again. Ok I will see you guys tomorrow with some pics I hope!!!

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