Monday, March 21, 2011

this week's update

Hi anyone and everyone,
Well only 5 more days until I can go to the silversmithing class with Don Norris! I am really looking forward to learning a new way to make jewelry to make it easier to get the ideas in my head to come to fruition. I have a few new beaded pieces to take pics of and post to my various sites and to Ebay. I also have to put a few new pieces in my friend Nancy's nail shop (Fingers and Toes-1219 south 29th street temple,tx) she has sold a few for me this week! Even though I do not particularly like the heat coming up for spring and summer, I do like that I can use pastels and bright colors in my jewelry now!!
On another note; I am also looking forward to hearing from my daughter or grandaughter about this year's prom dress so I can get started on the jewelry. I learned how to do netting this year, so I am thinking I could make her a beautiful set using that technique. So many ideas in the head so little time to develop and create. I am actually thinking of taking a tape recorder(I have one somewhere in this house LOL) with me to work to put ideas on I am always thinking of something while Iam driving from one patient to the next and by the time I get off work, I can no more remember them than the man in the moon. Ok, well that is all for today got to get on some beadwork while I have a few moments to do so.

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